Our philosophy

vaches dans les près

Limousin’s dairy products are made according to the rules

Our local produce is divine.

In “Limousin”, all these conditions are met to produce an exceptional milk. Our cows live in an environment that bring to a high quality milk production. They have absolutely nothing to envy to the “Normand” cows; quite the opposite! The landforms, the geology, the forecast and the qualitative grass in abundance are the main ingredients of success.

Tradition is never far away…

At the “Les Fayes” dairy, we trust in the respect of raw materials. Our dairy farm, TERRA LACTA, collects the milk with the greatest care from farms of the Limousin area, which are partners of "Les Fayes". To preserve all the sensory qualities, our Fresh Cheese and our Faiselle are mould in ladles.

The taste is our priority.

At "Les Fayes" dairy, the taste is our highest concern. We never add proteins, preservatives or other additives that would disturb the natural quality of our milk. All our products are made in our dairy, in order to keep on with our traditions. We obtain premium, natural and tasty products.