About us


Les Fayes was created in 1942 by Mr Thomas.

In 1964, the dairy was in full flow. Then the location has been selected and the dairy has been built. 3,3 millions liters of milk were processed.

In 1967, the dairy collected 23 millions liters of milk for 1.200 producers. The dairy produced fresh milk, butter, yogurt, fresh pasta and fresh cheese mould in ladle.

In 1976, the dairy increased its production capacity. In 1985, the dairy "Les Fayes" joined to create the "ULCPL" (Standing for Charente Poitou Limousin dairies union).

In 1990, after many new subscribers, the company renamed into Lescure Bougon.

In 1995, Lescure Bougon joined to the "GLAC" (standing for the merger between the cooperatives "Charentes Poitou dairies") and merges all its cooperatives. Within the specialization of the industrial sites, a UHT milk workshop has been created at the "Les Fayes" dairy.





In 2012, the 4 cooperatives and the 2 unions that are making up "le GLAC" decide to merge and to change their name. The cooperative is renamed "TERRA LACTA".

In 2015, TERRA LACTA hives off the "Les Fayes" dairy in order to enhance the actual ranges and to develop new products.

Since the beginning of its creation, "Les Fayes" produces natural, fresh and tasty products such as the whole Limousin French area.